Sunday, October 3, 2010

the worst trip ever

Just back from a one day Dental solutions for sleep apnea course in Atlanta. Well really in a hotel next to the Atlanta airport. The course was great but getting to and fro was a nightmare.
Flew Air Tram out Thursday night. We boarded (four of us) an hour late and then proceeded to sit on the runway for over two hours in the pouring rain. To make it lovelier water was dripping on everyone's head the entire two hours. It's hard to read a water soaked magazine. Well not the entire time. There was the dry, and very hot, 15 minutes when they turned off the engine. Did I mention the poor baby who screamed most of the two hours and the stink bug that kept flying around? The crew kept us 'informed' but announcing every 20 minutes that they had no idea when we would take off or even if we would take off at all. We did finally,and managed to get into bed by midnight to catch a terrific six hours of sleep.
The course ended a little early Friday and we were at the airport by 4pm for a 7:30pm flight. Great, we figured, maybe US Air can put us on the 5:30 flight home instead. Ha, ha.
It took 20 minutes to even find a US air person to talk to as the only one at the counter, Clarissa, was 'on a break'. Her replacement informed us that the Air Tran guy in Phila, Larry,must have ripped off both our out going and return tickets and therefore we 'didn't have any tickets' to Philadelphia. (For some bizarre reason Travelocity had issued us paper tickets- they're on my sh-t list too) We pointed out that our receipt showed our reservation, we had confirmed our reservation online, and selected our seats, and we had ID to prove we were who we said we. Her response; too bad. We asked to talk to a supervisor. Supervisor Gail responded, 'that's a problem' before walking away.
We headed down to Air Tran to see if they could help. They were very nice but needed to talk to Philadelphia to see if they could find our torn tickets. After an hour they realized the Air Tran people in Phila are nasty and unhelpful. It looked like our only option was a 10:00pm flight out of Atalanta on Air Tran. As you can imagine, this did not go over well with 4 people running on minimum sleep and all facing big days ahead. (Baseball tournament, church festival and a dinner party to throw, respectively).
Finally, the Air Tran supervisor, Alma, figured out a way to process us onto the US airways flight with a trip interruption form and at 6:00pm walked us down to US Air. Guess who's back? The 'I'm on a break ' girl. First she tried to ignore us and then tried to insist that she didn't know how to process it but Alma, our hero from Air Tran, made her. When she printed up our boarding passes I noticed they said Row 25. Our reservation was in Row 10. When I pointed this out to her she said, And I swear this is true!, "Well you weren't here on time to check in so we gave your seats away". I have no idea what stopped me from leaping across the counter and strangling her to death. I'm sure no jury would have convicted me. Alma was so appalled at the way US air treated us that she said she was going to process four business upgrades for us on AirTran. She was so nice I didn't have the heart to point out that AirTran was being bought by Southwest who doesn't have business class. We hugged good bye and went off to security.
When we got on the plane we discovered that it was 3/4 empty and not only was row 10 open so was row 11-20. In fact the only rows not open were 22-25!
Glad to report we are all home safe and sound. No names have been changed in the telling of this story as there are no innocents to protect. Could someone please, please, buy US Airways and fire everyone who works there?

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