Friday, December 28, 2012

What do we really want?

Just watched The Words on demand. Don't bother. There, I just saved you $5. Your welcome.
The premise (revealed in the coming attractions so I’m not ‘ruining’ anything for you) is that Bradley Cooper’s character finds a lost manuscript, has it published under his own name and is rewarded with fame and money. He is unable to enjoy his success because all the accolades don't compensate for the fact that the work product isn't his. Its a pretty standard and generally accepted premise. But is it really true?
After all we live in a world of reality TV where people are rewarded not for their accomplishments, but simply for being famous. On television, magazines, basically everywhere, we see the glorification not of what someone has achieved but what that achievement has brought them.  What we aspire to is the swag, the reward, not the work. It’s not the labor but the carrot that is endlessly dangled in front of us. We aspire for the homes of the Real housewives, the clothes and jewels in Vogue, the bodies on Victoria Secrets angels.
Outside of a mediocre movie is anyone really more interested in the accomplishment than in the glory that attaches to it?  What do we honestly desire more, to do something great or to reap the accolades? Do we long for the satisfaction of writing a great book, painting a masterpiece, or inventing the next great thing? Or is it really about invites to the Vanity Fair party, court side seats, chatting with Fallon, or sitting in the first row at NY fashion week?  If the movie were honest wouldn’t Bradley Cooper’s character shrug off the fact that he didn't write the book? After all, he's drinking champagne in the back of a limo and isn’t that what really matters?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Over...Looking Back

Just dropped of the last of the lit, supplies, and paperwork to the Obama office. It feels good to finally catch up on my sleep, and to get 12 large boxes out of my car but it felt sad to say goodbye to something that’s been a fairly large part of my life for so many months. There were so many great parts of the campaign its hard to know what I’ll miss most. Certainly, I’ll miss being part of something outside of my own life; something so large and so important. In my own, very small way, I feel I made a difference. I feel I did something to leave the country a better place for my kids. It’s pretty much impossible to match that feeling.
I also had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people. Their energy, dedication and enthusiasm were inspiring. In addition they were fun and smart and made boring tasks, and long days fly by. I will miss them all.
Hard to believe but not everyone I know follows me on twitter. So here are a few of my tweets from the campaign. Newest first, then back in time. 
-Take 5 mins to watch amazing emotional video of Obama thanking volunteers in chicago office. Wow.
-Big Bird speaks out. @frankrichny
-Mad love to my friends and family who seem to think I won the election singlehandedly. #deMOMcracy
-I fought my cold and the cold won. GOTV over. Pa won. I'm off to bed.
-RT @mebe22 Regardless how the night turns out, mom deserves a shout out for all those thankless hrs volunteering. Here's to you @css1222!
-Ryan opposed same-sex marriage & civil unions. He voted against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” & the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act.
-A curse on Jewish Republicans: May you be reunited in the world to come with your ancestors; all socialist garment workers. Thx paul krugman
-Our small business healthcare costs went down by 7.25% thanks to the President.
-Paul Ryan opposed a bill to provide medical care for people exposed on 9/11. Twice. Pres. Obama signed it.
-People Romney rips for not paying income taxes? Seniors, students, the disabled, and Vets They pay payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes
-Thx to govt subsidies I have clean water, endless electricity, safe roads, a mortgage deduction, and student loans. Guess I'm a taker.
-Wouldn't it be nice to live in a country where folks cared enough about voting to lie, cheat, & use fake ids to do it? You know, like drinking.
-Best explanation for the 1st Obama debate performance? (thx 2 amy) Too much anniversary celebration. Don't u know, no sex b4 the big game! #Debate2012
-Have a daughter? Then don't vote for a guy who opposes the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, & wants to defund Planned Parenthood.
-So girls, going as a woman in a binder for Halloween?
-Per Mitt. 'Syria is Iran’s route to the sea' Iran does border Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf & Gulf of Oman. Just not Syria. Ignorance? Or lies?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Debate One. Just the Facts

 OK, first debate over. No getting around it, Romney did a terrific job. He looked and sounded calm and confident. President Obama, while a great orator, is not always a terrific debater but last night was poor. Wish I could say otherwise! 

However, Mitt's facts' did not meet the level of his performance. As he himself told the President, "you aren't entitled to your own facts". So here's a review of a few of the claims made in last nights debate. I highly recommend for any political claims or ads you want to verify. They are terrific.

 Claim: Romney said Obama's health care law cuts $716 billion from Medicare which will hurt current beneficiaries.

Facts: This has been one of Romney's favorite lines of attack, but his claim that Obama's health care law cuts $716 billion in benefits for current Medicare beneficiaries is not true. The health care law will limit payments to health care providers and insurers — not senior citizens' benefits — as part of an effort to rein in costs over the course of the next decade. The fact is, the money isn’t being taken away from Medicare. Instead, Medicare would spend it, but over a longer period of time than was expected before the health care law. The law extends the solvency of the Medicare Part A trust fund.

HealthCare Board
Romney claimed a new board established by the Affordable Care Act is “going to tell people ultimately what kind of treatments they can have.” Not true. The board is a 15-member panel that’s tasked with finding ways to slow the growth of Medicare spending. So, its work concerns Medicare, not everyone seeking health care. The board only recommends cost-saving measures for Medicare, and is legally forbidden to ration care or reduce benefits.

Tax cuts
 Claim: Obama says Romney's tax plan would cut taxes by $5 trillion over 10 years, inflating the deficit.
Facts: Romney said his plan will be paid for by curtailing tax deductions, Romney has declined to say what tax deductions he would end. The non-partisan Tax Policy Center has contended that middle-class families would see taxes rise about $2,000 a year under Romney's plan if he keeps his promise to make the tax reform revenue-neutral, arguing that it can't be done without ending popular middle-class deductions on mortgage interest and charitable contributions.

Private-sector job gains
 Claim: Obama said the U.S. economy has created 5 million private-sector jobs the past 30 months.
Facts: After the economy plummeted in late 2007 and throughout 2009, the United States has gained 4.6 million private-sector jobs since the labor market bottomed in February 2010 — or 5.1 million under preliminary revisions released last week that are not part of the official tally by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Clean energy
Claim: Romney said clean energy interests got $90 billion in tax breaks under Obama, and that half of those companies receiving breaks went out of business.

Facts: The president's 2009 stimulus bill included a combination of over $90 billion in spending, financing and tax breaks for clean energy investments, but it's false that half of the companies went broke. Some of the Energy Department's loans went to firms that failed, but Romney's claim that half of the companies went broke is inaccurate. In a 2011 story, USA TODAY reported that the stocks of many of 45 publicly traded companies receiving stimulus funds had outperformed the stock market, despite Solyndra and other, smaller failures. The money, mostly in loans and loan guarantees, are helping build factories for companies such as Ford, Nissan and Tesla Motor. One beneficiary is health care technology company Athenahealth, whose shares have more than doubled. Its CEO, Jonathan Bush, is a first cousin of President George W. Bush.

Rising health care costs
Claim: Health care costs have risen $2,500 per family per year under Obama.

Facts: Partly true, but health care inflation has slowed notably under Obama. Health insurance costs rose 4% last year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. That rate is far below the 10% to 13% seen in 2003 and 2004

It’s not true that Obama “doubled” the deficit. He inherited a $1.2 trillion deficit and deficits have remained at or above that level, as Romney said, every year since then.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Will your Vote effect the Supreme Court? And does that matter?

Are you sick of the influence of money in politics? Or about the gun violence in our country?
Want to make sure that rape and incest victims don’t have to carry their babies to term?
Then think twice about whom you vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Because, Yes, your vote really does matter.
Here are some excerpts from a recent article in the LA Times. A link to the full article is at the end.
The Supreme Court is not on the ballot in November, but its future direction on issues such as abortion, gay rights, gun rights, voting laws and the role of money in politics depends on who is elected president for the next four years.

Given one more liberal vote, the court would likely switch directions on campaign money and uphold laws that limit election spending and require the full disclosure of donors. With an extra conservative vote, however, the justices on the right are likely to go further and free big donors — including corporations — to give money directly to candidates and parties.

The law on abortion could also switch with a change of one justice.

With an extra vote on the right, the six Republican appointees would likely uphold strict regulation of abortion, and possibly a criminal ban.

The justices are closely split along ideological lines. The court's makeup means that a President Mitt Romney could tip the court decisively to the right
"A change in the ideology of only one justice could have a profound impact on the course of constitutional law," said professor Geoffrey Stone at the University of Chicago Law School.

Clint Bolick, a lawyer for the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, is not rooting for an Obama victory, but he agrees the election could have a lasting effect on a closely split court.

"The average justice remains in office nearly 25 years — more than six presidential terms. Supreme Court nominations are one of most enduring legacies a president has," he said.

Presidential race may leave lasting imprint on Supreme Court byBy David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times

Friday, August 24, 2012

very funny wedding article

Great article in this months Vanity Fair called Can this Wedding Be Saved? by A.A. Gill  Worth reading the whole thing. But here's some of the funniest parts.

A wedding is like porn in that it promises far more than it’s ever going to deliver; unlike porn, we witness this scene with our grandparents and our kids.

Some tongue-tied, giddy swain slumps to one knee and tugs a velveteen box from his pocket, and his sweetheart, who up to this very moment has quite liked him, is more acutely embarrassed than she ever thought humanly possible. She stares at the pitiful diamond. The engagement ring is the ugliest, gaudiest piece of jewelry most women will ever wear. It sets in motion the most stressful and tearful year of their lives.

Then you look at the clothes and you wonder why any human would want to appear dressed like that in front of a crowd of people, most of whom they’re going to have to see again.
She has to wear “The Dress.” The first bride to popularize white wedding dresses was Queen Victoria. She was a tiny, round, plain girl with a nose like a claw hammer and less chin than a terrapin. Charitably, the best thing you could say for her on her wedding day was that she looked like an ornamental toilet-tissue cover. 

It’s universally said that all brides look beautiful. Every bride is told repeatedly that she is breathtaking, but white is an unforgiving un-color unless you’re a baby or a corpse. White is particularly bad on pale, pinkish people, but not quite as bad as on sprayed-orange people.
Wedding dresses are a collective blind spot, an aesthetic dead zone. We are brainwashed to believe that a wedding dress is magic, that it has the ability to transform everyone into a raging, shaggable piece of hot, virginal, must-have, never-been-had gorgeousness. But, like all fairy spells, it only works for one day.
In any other context, a wedding dress makes you look like a transvestite, which is presumably why the groom isn’t allowed to see it before it’s too late to change his mind.
How wonderful the bride looks in her dress isn’t the only lie told at weddings. The happy couple is wafted up the aisle in a fog, a cacophony of lies. There are lies about the in-laws, about gaining sons and daughters, and about not having slept with any of the bridesmaids. 
We lie that we like the cake, we lie that the best man’s speech was funny, and we lie that this was the best wedding ever.
Viewed from the pews, weddings are theater produced by straight amateurs using their own money. The resulting spectacle is what a dog show would be like if it were organized by the dogs.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who is Paul Ryan?

Who is 42 year-old Republican Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin? Here’s some info.
Ryan co-sponsored a “personhood” amendment, an extreme anti-abortion measure. Ryan joined 62 other Republicans in co-sponsoring the Sanctity of Human Life Act, which declares that a fertilized egg “shall have all the legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood.” This would outlaw abortion, some forms of contraception and in vitro fertilization.

 Ryan  is considered the architect of the GOP budget. His economic views are especially interesting if you’re a senior, or know a senior, or plan on becoming one someday….
Ryan wants to end Medicare, and replace it with a voucher system. All future retirees would receive a government contribution to purchase insurance. But since the $ amount does not keep up with increasing health care costs, the Congressional Budget Offices estimates that new beneficiaries could pay up to $1,200 more by 2030 and more than $5,900 more by 2050.
A recent study also found that had the plan been implemented in 2009, 24 million beneficiaries enrolled in the program would have paid higher premiums to maintain their choice of plan and doctors.
Ryan would also raise Medicare’s age of eligibility to 67.

In September of 2011, Ryan agreed with Rick Perry’s characterization of Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” and since 2005 has advocated for privatizing the retirement benefit and investing it in stocks and bonds. The economic crisis of 2008 should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who thinks hinging Americans’ retirement to the stock market is a good idea.
Ryan wants to eliminate Pell Grants for more than 1 million students. He wants to cut the Pell Grant program by $200 billion, which could “ultimately knock more than one million students off the program over the next 10 years.
Ryan supports $40 billion in subsides for big oil. In 2011, Ryan joined all House Republicans and 13 Democrats in his vote to keep Big Oil tax loopholes and oil tax breaks as part of the 2011 spending bill.
He did this while cutting billions of dollars from investments to develop alternative fuels and clean energy technologies that would serve as substitutes for oil. 

He does, however, have very nice hair. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jewish Values & Politics

Last night was the Jewish Americans for Obama event at KI which I was lucky enough to not only attend but help work. It was scheduled for 7:30 and it was decided to open the doors at 7:00, perhaps 6:45 if necessary. By 6:00 people started arriving, by 6:30 we had to open the curtain to double the room size, and by 7:00 we were scrounging up every last chair the synagogue had. There were over 1000 chairs, all filled, and both sides of the room were packed with standing people. It was amazing. 

Lots of speeches, all of which were just the right length and combination of humor and passion. We got to hear our own Dan Siegel who was terrific and then Pa Treasurer Rob McCord, (Jewish, who knew!) State Senator Daylon Leach( yes, also Jewish!) , County Commissioner Josh Shapiro, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and the Chair of the Dem National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
They represented a broad spectrum of Jewish practice from Josh Shapiro who was educated in Jewish day schools and educates his 4 children the same, to the speaker who summarized his Jewish upbringing as 'read the new york times and go to an ivy league college'.

But they had one unifying message. As committed Jews, they could not and would not support any president who was not 100% supportive of Israel. More on that near the end. 

The speakers also touched on something I think is often over shadowed by the emotional hot button of Israel. They spoke of the need for their politics to reflect their Jewish values. The concept of electing officials who reflect our Jewish morals and values is something we need to think about and talk about more often.

What are some of these values?
Tikkun olam; to repair the world. This is the idea that as Jews we have a responsibility not only to ourselves and our families but are also responsible for the welfare of the society at large.

The separation of church and state. It is essential that the next President appoints Supreme Court Justices who understand the importance that religious doctrine have no place in our schools, and in our laws.

Never again, never forget.  These words strike a chord deep in Jewish hearts. How do we best honor their meaning? By protecting and fighting for the rights of others. There is nothing Jewish about discrimination. There is nothing Jewish about laws meant to restrict the rights and the lives of others, whether they are Jews, immigrants, homosexuals, or women.

Ok, back to Israel. All the speakers listed many facts to illustrate the Presidents unequivocal support for Israel.  Remember facts? The news used to include them.
One quickie:
President Obama has sent record levels of security assistance to Israel and has increased the amount requested each year since taking office. In 2013, President Obama requested $3.1 billion—the largest security assistance package to Israel ever-and has armed Israel with the most advanced military hardware and missile defense systems.

The best place to find more facts and help in separating the myths from facts is on

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Affordable HealthCare !

Great news today from the Supreme Court! Restores ones faith in those black robes , especially after their horrid Citizens United decision. In light of today's decision I though I would re-print my March blog post on the health care bill and what it does for you.

After you've (re)read it check out this very cool tool on You enter your personal circumstances; working, kids, retired...and it tells you how the bill will personally effect you. Isn't technology fun?

ObamaCare; Why should I Care? aka Whats in it for me?

Why should I care if the Presidents Affordable Care Act gets repealed? What’s in it for me?

Are you a Senior?
Obamacare will close the famed Medicare prescription drug "doughnut hole," which forces some seniors to pay thousands of dollars for prescription medications out of pocket.

Have you ever been sick? What about your kid?

Under Obamacare people can no longer be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. What's considered a pre-existing condition? Everything from high blood pressure to asthma to cancer or heart disease. If the law is overturned, up to 129 million people would be at risk of being denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

Do you get a mammogram, or a flu shot?

If Obamacare is repealed, one of the first things to go is coverage for preventive care. Preventive services include mammograms, cancer screenings, blood pressure tests, flu shots and bone density tests for osteoporosis. These services can prevent sickness, and also catch it early -- making treatment easier and less invasive.

Do you have a kid under the age of 26? Are you under 26?

Before the affordable care act, young people could be kicked off their parents’ insurance when they turn 18 or graduate from college. I’m sure its not shocking news that many recent college graduates do not have jobs that offer health care coverage. Now, your kids can stay on your insurance until they are 26.

So, do you care now?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fired Up and Ready to Go

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending an all day training conference given by the Obama campaign. It was held for active volunteers from all over the state of Pa and Montgomery County was selected as the location. There were several amazing things about it, perhaps none more than the attendees themselves. Over 500 people came from all over the state. Many drove five hours and slept on the sofas and floor of local volunteers. The range of people was astonishing; people who in any of circumstances would go their entire lives without meeting each other. In one room were high school students, recent college grads,and senior citizens. A young girl with ripped jeans and high top sneakers sat next to a older man in a wheel chair, both listening to a young mans story of how he went from a homeless kid with an addicted mother to a respected staff member of the Obama campaign. While being in that room was inspiring enough we also got to hear some rousing speeches from several key members of the Presidents campaign staff. Here's some of my favorite excerpts. Feel free to use them! And forgive me if I repeat them over the next few months in my tweets. You do follow me on twitter, right? In 2008 we changed the guard. In 2012 we need to guard the change Obama represents the politics of conscious, not the politics of convenience. On the economy: First President Obama stopped us from falling deeper and deeper into the hole. Then he helped us begin to climb out. Now we need to give him the time to finish the job. Romney is a guy who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. The second day was training for the Obama Organizing Fellows, a dedicated group of people who were selected to participate in a 12 week internship program. I had a terrifically fun day helping the wonderfully organized John work the kitchen and feed lunch to the over 100 fellows plus staff. Setting up a buffet for over a 100 people kept me in fighting shape for the next family seders!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

ObamaCare; Why should I Care? aka Whats in it for me?

Why should I care if the Presidents Affordable Care Act gets repealed? What’s in it for me?

Are you a Senior?
Obamacare will close the famed Medicare prescription drug "doughnut hole," which forces some seniors to pay thousands of dollars for prescription medications out of pocket.

Have you ever been sick? What about your kid?

Under Obamacare people can no longer be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. What's considered a pre-existing condition? Everything from high blood pressure to asthma to cancer or heart disease. If the law is overturned, up to 129 million people would be at risk of being denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

Do you get a mammogram, or a flu shot?

If Obamacare is repealed, one of the first things to go is coverage for preventive care. Preventive services include mammograms, cancer screenings, blood pressure tests, flu shots and bone density tests for osteoporosis. These services can prevent sickness, and also catch it early -- making treatment easier and less invasive.

Do you have a kid under the age of 26? Are you under 26?

Before the affordable care act, young people could be kicked off their parents’ insurance when they turn 18 or graduate from college. I’m sure its not shocking news that many recent college graduates do not have jobs that offer health care coverage. Now, your kids can stay on your insurance until they are 26.

So, do you care now?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Savannah, the good ,the bad...

Back from 3 nights in Savannah. Great weather, lots of fun. Thoughts...

First of all Savannah is a funny mix of very old and very new. Loved the silver haired gent we spotted the first day wearing loafers,navy blazer, stripped tie, a bowler hat and plaid shorts. But Savannah is also home to SCAD, the Savannah college of Arts & Design, a very respected art school which floods Savannah with 1000s of college age aspiring artists in ripped jeans and t shirts, piercings and purple hair. Throw in a few hundred girls scouts from all over the county in town for the 100th anniversary of the girl scouts and you have quite a street scene.

We spent our days in the old; mostly touring homes built in the 1700s, walking the cobblestone streets and dodging the horse and buggies. We spent our nights in the new. The Savannah Stopover, a 4 day music festival made up of 70 bands on their way to South by SouthWest was in its second year and we got to enjoy some great music. One night we saw 3 terrific bands playing in an outdoor courtyard under a star filled sky and a full moon. Amazing.

My biggest complaint? Savannah seems determined to hide its most interesting history. Its not just the way the house tour guides refer to the War between the States or insist on calling the slaves 'enslaved servants'. It took forever to find the Civil Rights Museum which despite being one of the highlights of the trip was not to be found on any tourist map, not mentioned by the multiple on off sightseeing trolly companies, and even the tourist bureau didn't have a brochure or any information besides, 'its a few blocks down that way'. Turns out Savannah's civil rights history is fascinating and the museum while small was terrific. They were very happy to see us!
The other highlight was equally difficult to visit. The First African Baptist church, built and run by slaves in the 1700s, was part of the Underground Railroad and is still an active church today. It was beautiful and the young man who took us around was terrific.
All in all a good trip, even for a Yankee.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Politics: Cool stuff I learned today.

I was lucky enough to hear David Simas, who is responsible for "polling and messaging research” for the Obama national campaign. I’m sure he has a better title than that but more importantly he was smart, personable, and able to talk without ever consulting a note, boring his audience or seeming to tire out despite what I’m sure is a grueling schedule. Did I mention he was cute? Kind of the grown up version of the boy you dated in high school because he looked like Jackson Browne or, depending on your age, Jordan Catalano.
Here’s some highlights:
My two fav lines:
“Don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the Alternative. (Biden)
“Romney reminds me of a guy who was born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple.” (focus group participant)
What I learned about Negative Ads: What is one of the results of negative ads? They suppress voter turnout because they increase cynicism about the process. This is especially good for Republican candidates as nationally Republicans win by subtraction while Democrats are helped by increased voter turnout.
Great Obama story: Obama was told that based on polling every segment of the American public was against him bailing out the American car companies. There seemed to be no political upside to doing it. His response? “The politics will take care of itself, this is the right thing to do”.
As a result-GM and Chrysler have turned a profit and thousands and thousands of jobs; auto workers, parts makers, distributors, dealerships, and the stores and restaurants that rely on them, have been saved.
Imagine. A politician who put doing the right thing over doing the politically expedient.
Side Note: How you can reduce the amount of political garbage ads on TV &Radio .
TV and radio stations are required to air political ads by candidates for federal offices even if their content is blatantly deceptive. Not so the messages of outside groups. Instead, broadcasters have the right to bar so called “third party” ads or insist on the accuracy of those they decide to air., the sister-site of the award-winning, is asking stations to insist on the accuracy of ads by super PACs, the political parties and all of the other outside groups that arrive at their doorsteps with cash in hand.
To make it easier for viewers the “Stand By Your Ad” initiative provides the names of station managers, the e-mail addresses of stations and a sample letter that can be amended and sent directly from the viewer’s account.
“To locate the “Stand By Your Ad” page, click and then click on “Stations.”

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Say yes to the dress!

If you watch this show keep reading. If not feel free to just skip this post!

So as any watcher of the show knows it can quickly become a highly addictive habit. Before you know it your DVR is filled with episodes and your Netflix chain has bumped out all this good movies you meant to watch in place of 19 episodes of season 2. But if you're really bad you find yourself aimlessly wandering through Chelsea drifting closer and closer to that magical block.

It wasn't our fault. The day started with high cultural aims. We subway-ed up to the Museum of Design to see the Venice glass exhibit. Despite the website insisting it was open on presidents day it was not. So we were spending the day wandering around, looking in stores and eating great pizza when we magically found ourselves out side of Kleinfelds. After looking in the windows for a few minutes we decide to try the doors. We both expected to run right into a desk/doorman/receptionist and be stopped there. What we didn't expect was to step immediately into a real life episode of Say Yes. There we are in the lobby the midst of chatting families and bored looking grooms to be on their cell phones. Manager Joan walks right by us! Across the way I spot the dark haired one with the lip liner! Then I see Dianne just a few feet away; shes the one with the straight blond hair,and I guess my face gave us away. She came right up to me and said, "you watch the show, right?". Totally star struck I blurt out, yes and you're one of my favorites. Now I'm sure its a mixture of weird and annoying to suddenly be 'famous' for doing the job you've probably been doing for years. But she couldn't have been nice. She gave me a huge hug and asked if Melissa was a bride. Not for a long time we assured her and she told us to be sure and come back to see her when we were ready.

We then lived out our fav show moments. We gawked at the Pnina Tornais. You know the ones with the see through corsets and lots of bling. They are even larger and more ostentatious in person! You can see right into the main room and we watched a perfectly choreographed and yet utterly real moment when the bride nodded yes, the sales women all started clapping and the bride burst into tears. It was awesome.

Finally after 20 minutes Melissa mentioned that we had probably stalked them enough and we should be on our way. We also agreed that when her boyfriend asked us at dinner what we did that day we would definitely leave it out!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Go Zelda! What a way to live (and die)

I just copied and pasted this article right from Time ( on line). Its so good it didn't need anything added.

Beloved Socialite Zelda Kaplan Dies in Front Row at Fashion Week

New York lost one of its truest originals on Wednesday, when 95-year-old socialite Zelda Kaplan died, collapsing in the front row of a runway show during Fashion Week.

Kaplan appeared to faint and slumped in the lap of Ruth Finley, publisher of the Fashion Calendar, just as the show was starting, the Associated Press reports. Security carried her out of the tent, and she was given CPR by paramedics on the scene before being rushed to Roosevelt Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Just minutes before her collapse, the arts-scene icon was posing for photographers at the Joanna Mastroianni fashion show at Lincoln Center, showing off her vibrant, red African print ensemble. Kaplan was known not only for being an inspiration in the fashion scene, but also for being a “club kid” at heart, often partying into the morning hours at some of New York’s most exclusive nightlife haunts.

Designer Richie Rich told the New York Post, “Passing away in the front row was how it was meant to be. Zelda loves fashion so she died for fashion. She would have wanted to go out in style. Zelda always said, “live, live, live and have fun’…I hope the angels are holding her right now.”

Kaplan has said many things about having fun and making the most of life (see below), and was revered for her young spirit. In addition to being a nightlife and fashion fixture, the twice-divorced Kaplan was known for her philanthropy, spending much of her 60s and 70s in Africa, championing women’s rights with local tribal government leaders. She was also a ballroom dancer and instructor, as well as a women’s golf pro in Miami in her twenties.

Some words of wisdom on life and aging young, from “New York’s oldest and most beloved night owl”:

“I think one of the things that keeps me healthy is that I’m not introspective at all. The secret is being interested in things outside of oneself.”—New York, 2003

“I’m a curious person […] I want to keep learning until it’s over. And when it’s over, it’s over.”—New York Times, 2003

“I wish more people would have [clothes] made for them. But so many Americans want to look like everybody else [...] I hate to wear what everybody else is wearing [...] I don’t think people should be happy to be a clone.” –New York Post, 2010

“Many people turn a certain age and “check out,” but that is not me. In my 90s, I am not able to travel as much, so I must read everything I can at home to remain aware of global change, which provides me great knowledge to empower people through daily conversations, and through my charitable efforts.”—New York, 2010

“I want to be an example for young people so they aren’t afraid of growing old and a lesson to old people that you can be productive. You don’t have to sit around and wait for death.”—New York Times, 2003

- Cindy

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fashion Police & the State of the Union

Wouldn’t it be fun if after the State of the Union Joan Rivers did one of those nasty fashion critique shows? I know I would love to hear her comments on those strange color suits the women seem to wear. What’s up with the hot pink and acid green? Of course an important segment would focus on Michelle’s outfit. While I normally love everything she wears I’m not sure electric blue satin worked for this event.
Joan should use a split screen to compare today’s long hair and headband wearing Hillary with the first time we saw her rocking that look. Was it 1992? I though she looked great. Exhausted but great.
Best new look? Nancy Pelosi. Love that chic new hair cut and color.

Worst new look? John Kerry. Was he in a fight? Bruised from a recent eye lift?

Worst dressed? Supreme court. Sorry but baggy black robes just don't flatter anyone.

Best dressed? 100% the Chief of Staff. Sorry but you cannot top a guy in uniform.

I recently learned that Isabelle and Ferdinand created the Spanish Inquisition as a way to unify a county that didn’t have a common language, ethnicity or religion. Like many rulers they knew that nothing unites a people faster than having a common enemy.Since this is America we won’t be burning anyone at the stake but burning their fashion sense…hey I’m just putting country first!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Frienemies & why do I care about the Rapture

Frenemies; Defined by Wikipedia as a enemy disguised as a friend.

It never ceases to amaze me when Jews support Republican candidates because they believe their party is ‘Israel friendly’ without understanding the reasons behind that support. Of course, some of the support, like that of the Democratic Party’s, is based on the fact that Jews vote, often as a bloc and are concentrated in states with large electoral numbers. Hello, Florida. I don’t have a problem with that. That’s politics and as a numerical minority in this county it works for us.

However, in recent years the Republican Party has become increasingly dependent on and controlled by the evangelical movement due to the fact that they campaign, vote, and donate in huge numbers. Their support of Israel has nothing to do with their ‘love of Jews’ or a belief in the importance of Israel as a friend of the United States. Evangelicals support Israel because they believe the State of Israel is essential for the return of Jesus. At the time of the Second Coming, these Christians believe, Jesus will descend from heaven, subdue all of Israel's enemies and take believers to heaven in what is known as the Rapture--literally, they will ascend to the clouds to be in heaven. If you’re Jewish and reading this, guess what, you’re not invited.

But wait, there’s more. After the Rapture, God will execute judgments against unbelievers, during a period called the Tribulation. At the end of the Tribulation all nations will attack Israel, and Jesus Christ will physically return, leading the armies of heaven. At the Battle of Armageddon they will destroy everyone who is not a believer. Jesus will set up the Millennial Kingdom, headquartered in Jerusalem, and rule over Earth for a thousand years. At the end of the thousand-year period, the non-believers who were "destroyed" will be cast into the Lake of Fire,i.e., Hell.

And all this cannot happen unless Israel exists in the Holy Land. This isn’t a fringe group belief but is shared by most major evangelical leaders. It is also the basis of the Left Behind series which includes 16 best selling novels, 2 movies and 3 PC games.
With friends like this, who needs enemies?