Saturday, October 23, 2010

empty nest/nesting

So my last one went off to college in August and I thought I would soon thereafter be writing my 'empty nest' blog. Ha. This is the least empty empty nest I have ever seen. Shortly after leaving both kids were home for Rosh Hashona, then again for Yom Kipper, then again for Fall break,yes both of them, which was immediately followed by Parents weekend. Yes, for both of them. This weekend all the Penn State kids are home so my son decided to come home also. Now I know I'm very lucky to have them so close and also that they obviously love us and like coming home. But really, how am I suppose to experience the despair and anguish of empty nest-hood if it's always full?

On a pat on the back note, I cleaned out several of my basement closets. Just so you understand what a feat this was among the treasures were the dress I wore to the rainbow room for my 30th birthday, a Laura Ashley dress purchased in London during my jr year abroad, numerous suits, skirts and blazers last worn before I was pregnant with my oldest and several million stuffed animals. I also threw out all the cans I had put away just before the millennium in anticipation of the end of the world. Felt great. It will feel even better when I throw out the 25 white trash bags and get the 15 black ones to Impact!

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