Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Say yes to the dress!

If you watch this show keep reading. If not feel free to just skip this post!

So as any watcher of the show knows it can quickly become a highly addictive habit. Before you know it your DVR is filled with episodes and your Netflix chain has bumped out all this good movies you meant to watch in place of 19 episodes of season 2. But if you're really bad you find yourself aimlessly wandering through Chelsea drifting closer and closer to that magical block.

It wasn't our fault. The day started with high cultural aims. We subway-ed up to the Museum of Design to see the Venice glass exhibit. Despite the website insisting it was open on presidents day it was not. So we were spending the day wandering around, looking in stores and eating great pizza when we magically found ourselves out side of Kleinfelds. After looking in the windows for a few minutes we decide to try the doors. We both expected to run right into a desk/doorman/receptionist and be stopped there. What we didn't expect was to step immediately into a real life episode of Say Yes. There we are in the lobby the midst of chatting families and bored looking grooms to be on their cell phones. Manager Joan walks right by us! Across the way I spot the dark haired one with the lip liner! Then I see Dianne just a few feet away; shes the one with the straight blond hair,and I guess my face gave us away. She came right up to me and said, "you watch the show, right?". Totally star struck I blurt out, yes and you're one of my favorites. Now I'm sure its a mixture of weird and annoying to suddenly be 'famous' for doing the job you've probably been doing for years. But she couldn't have been nice. She gave me a huge hug and asked if Melissa was a bride. Not for a long time we assured her and she told us to be sure and come back to see her when we were ready.

We then lived out our fav show moments. We gawked at the Pnina Tornais. You know the ones with the see through corsets and lots of bling. They are even larger and more ostentatious in person! You can see right into the main room and we watched a perfectly choreographed and yet utterly real moment when the bride nodded yes, the sales women all started clapping and the bride burst into tears. It was awesome.

Finally after 20 minutes Melissa mentioned that we had probably stalked them enough and we should be on our way. We also agreed that when her boyfriend asked us at dinner what we did that day we would definitely leave it out!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Go Zelda! What a way to live (and die)

I just copied and pasted this article right from Time ( on line). Its so good it didn't need anything added.

Beloved Socialite Zelda Kaplan Dies in Front Row at Fashion Week

New York lost one of its truest originals on Wednesday, when 95-year-old socialite Zelda Kaplan died, collapsing in the front row of a runway show during Fashion Week.

Kaplan appeared to faint and slumped in the lap of Ruth Finley, publisher of the Fashion Calendar, just as the show was starting, the Associated Press reports. Security carried her out of the tent, and she was given CPR by paramedics on the scene before being rushed to Roosevelt Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Just minutes before her collapse, the arts-scene icon was posing for photographers at the Joanna Mastroianni fashion show at Lincoln Center, showing off her vibrant, red African print ensemble. Kaplan was known not only for being an inspiration in the fashion scene, but also for being a “club kid” at heart, often partying into the morning hours at some of New York’s most exclusive nightlife haunts.

Designer Richie Rich told the New York Post, “Passing away in the front row was how it was meant to be. Zelda loves fashion so she died for fashion. She would have wanted to go out in style. Zelda always said, “live, live, live and have fun’…I hope the angels are holding her right now.”

Kaplan has said many things about having fun and making the most of life (see below), and was revered for her young spirit. In addition to being a nightlife and fashion fixture, the twice-divorced Kaplan was known for her philanthropy, spending much of her 60s and 70s in Africa, championing women’s rights with local tribal government leaders. She was also a ballroom dancer and instructor, as well as a women’s golf pro in Miami in her twenties.

Some words of wisdom on life and aging young, from “New York’s oldest and most beloved night owl”:

“I think one of the things that keeps me healthy is that I’m not introspective at all. The secret is being interested in things outside of oneself.”—New York, 2003

“I’m a curious person […] I want to keep learning until it’s over. And when it’s over, it’s over.”—New York Times, 2003

“I wish more people would have [clothes] made for them. But so many Americans want to look like everybody else [...] I hate to wear what everybody else is wearing [...] I don’t think people should be happy to be a clone.” –New York Post, 2010

“Many people turn a certain age and “check out,” but that is not me. In my 90s, I am not able to travel as much, so I must read everything I can at home to remain aware of global change, which provides me great knowledge to empower people through daily conversations, and through my charitable efforts.”—New York, 2010

“I want to be an example for young people so they aren’t afraid of growing old and a lesson to old people that you can be productive. You don’t have to sit around and wait for death.”—New York Times, 2003

- Cindy