Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fashion Police & the State of the Union

Wouldn’t it be fun if after the State of the Union Joan Rivers did one of those nasty fashion critique shows? I know I would love to hear her comments on those strange color suits the women seem to wear. What’s up with the hot pink and acid green? Of course an important segment would focus on Michelle’s outfit. While I normally love everything she wears I’m not sure electric blue satin worked for this event.
Joan should use a split screen to compare today’s long hair and headband wearing Hillary with the first time we saw her rocking that look. Was it 1992? I though she looked great. Exhausted but great.
Best new look? Nancy Pelosi. Love that chic new hair cut and color.

Worst new look? John Kerry. Was he in a fight? Bruised from a recent eye lift?

Worst dressed? Supreme court. Sorry but baggy black robes just don't flatter anyone.

Best dressed? 100% the Chief of Staff. Sorry but you cannot top a guy in uniform.

I recently learned that Isabelle and Ferdinand created the Spanish Inquisition as a way to unify a county that didn’t have a common language, ethnicity or religion. Like many rulers they knew that nothing unites a people faster than having a common enemy.Since this is America we won’t be burning anyone at the stake but burning their fashion sense…hey I’m just putting country first!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Frienemies & why do I care about the Rapture

Frenemies; Defined by Wikipedia as a enemy disguised as a friend.

It never ceases to amaze me when Jews support Republican candidates because they believe their party is ‘Israel friendly’ without understanding the reasons behind that support. Of course, some of the support, like that of the Democratic Party’s, is based on the fact that Jews vote, often as a bloc and are concentrated in states with large electoral numbers. Hello, Florida. I don’t have a problem with that. That’s politics and as a numerical minority in this county it works for us.

However, in recent years the Republican Party has become increasingly dependent on and controlled by the evangelical movement due to the fact that they campaign, vote, and donate in huge numbers. Their support of Israel has nothing to do with their ‘love of Jews’ or a belief in the importance of Israel as a friend of the United States. Evangelicals support Israel because they believe the State of Israel is essential for the return of Jesus. At the time of the Second Coming, these Christians believe, Jesus will descend from heaven, subdue all of Israel's enemies and take believers to heaven in what is known as the Rapture--literally, they will ascend to the clouds to be in heaven. If you’re Jewish and reading this, guess what, you’re not invited.

But wait, there’s more. After the Rapture, God will execute judgments against unbelievers, during a period called the Tribulation. At the end of the Tribulation all nations will attack Israel, and Jesus Christ will physically return, leading the armies of heaven. At the Battle of Armageddon they will destroy everyone who is not a believer. Jesus will set up the Millennial Kingdom, headquartered in Jerusalem, and rule over Earth for a thousand years. At the end of the thousand-year period, the non-believers who were "destroyed" will be cast into the Lake of Fire,i.e., Hell.

And all this cannot happen unless Israel exists in the Holy Land. This isn’t a fringe group belief but is shared by most major evangelical leaders. It is also the basis of the Left Behind series which includes 16 best selling novels, 2 movies and 3 PC games.
With friends like this, who needs enemies?