Sunday, September 6, 2009


So I'm back. For amazing details of everything we did in Paris I highly recommend going to melissa's blog. She did of great job of detailing all our adventures; it's funny and fast and even has a link to her pictures which you can skip unless you're a die hard follower!
Just a few highlights and comments from me...
To begin 6 months ago getting the 3 of us ready to go to Paris at the same time I was getting Melissa ready for Padova seemed like a great idea. It was not. Melissa was freaked out and stressed out and trying to juggle her and all the details of the trip plus move all her stuff out of Penn (we got a sub letter) was slightly insane. Did I mention the hygienist gave notice at the same time?
Still we all survived. Paris was a blast. I love travelling with my family. At home, despite our best efforts we really never seem to spend time together. After all everyone has friends, school, work, blackberrys, computers...In Paris we got to spend 7 uninterrupted days and nights together and it was awesome. We had great weather, walked everywhere, saw everything, ate fantastic food...Melissa and Ross really enjoyed Paris. Ross was completely overwhelmed with the Parisian women. After being in the city for 15 minutes he asked me, "am I crazy or is every woman in Paris unbelievably hot?". He wasn't crazy, every woman in Paris is beautiful.
I wish I was back. I miss my croissants, cheese, and being in such a beautiful city.
Oh and being home is a blast. Both my 4th bedroom and melissa's room look like a bomb went off, I hate unpacking ( of course I hate packing even more!), and Ross needs college stuff is piling up!
I'm taking a nap, watching real Housewives and going to the movies!

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Ok- some of you are getting direct e mails whenever i post. If you don't want to get them it's no problem- just let me know. If you know someone else who would like to get them let me know that too! I added 3 blogs I am following and recommend. One is Melissa's blog on her adventures in Padova which is amazing (of course), the 2nd is her friend Samantha's adventures in Rome and the third is an anti espn sports blog written by a few of Melissa's ends. It's pretty funny and I suspect truly enjoyable if you know ,or care, anything about sports. So feel free to pass them along. Thanks -Cindy

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