Sunday, October 31, 2010

what's the president done for me lately?

I know it's fashionable to complain about the president but sometimes it feels like we are a nation of adolescents whining about how our Dad just doesn't get us. Maybe when we grow up we'll realize he was actually doing his best and a pretty good job at that. So next time you hear someone complain ( or maybe it's you) that the obama admin hasn't doesn't anything here's a list. It's long so I divided it into the economy, health care, Israel, science, the environment, education, military & vets rights, so you can go to your interest.
This is a shorter version of a list of 244 accomplishments. Feel free to check out the full list at,compiled by a university professor in Florida.


• Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants…) * Note: Bush was the first president since Herbert Hoover to not make infrastructure a priority

• Authorized the US auto industry rescue plan ,two GMAC rescue packages, the housing rescue plan and new FHA residential housing guarantees

• Authorized a $789 billion economic stimulus plan * Note: 1/3 in tax cuts for working-class families; 1/3 to states for infrastructure projects; 1/3 to states to prevent the layoff of police officers, teachers, etc. at risk of losing their jobs because of state budget shortfalls

• Authorized the federal government to make more loans available to small businesses and ordered lower rates for federal loans to small businesses

extended unemployment benefits for one million workers

Credit card companies are prohibited from raising rates without advance notification or arbitrarily if customers are paying bills on time

• Signed historic Wall Street reform bill * Note: Designed to end abusive practices and promote consumer protections

• Signed the HIRE Act to stimulate the economic recovery * Note: The bill includes: tax cuts for small businesses who hire someone unemployed for at least two months; small businesses can write off their investments in equipment this year; etc.

Health Care

· Signing laws to expand children's health insurance (financed by a 61-cent per pack increase in the federal cigarette tax).

- Prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals/family members with pre-existing health conditions

- Prevents insurance companies from placing lifetime limits on benefits

- Bans “rescission” so insurance companies can’t cancel coverage if individuals keep their policies current or if they become ill

- An individual’s out-of-pocket healthcare expenses are capped

Closes the “donut hole” (Part D) for Medicare prescription drug coverage

all large (over 50 employees) employers must offer health insurance to employees or pay a fine

- Small businesses can get a tax credit if they offer health care

- There are hardship exemptions if individuals can’t afford health insurance

- Families can keep their children in college on their plans through age 26


• Renewed loan guarantees for Israel

• Signed the USIFTA trade agreement with/for Israel

• Authorized a $550m advance for Israel (six months prior to the scheduled date) in order to accommodate Israeli’s economic and financial needs

• Continued agreements with Israel for cultural exchanges, immigration, etc.


· Put a hold on Artic oil exploratory digging until environmental impacts are clear.

• Reengaged in the treaties/agreements to protect the Antarctic * Note: These were suspended under Bush

• Reengaged in the agreements/talks on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions * Note: These were suspended under Bush

• Overturned Bush-era rule that weakened the Endangered Species Act

• Announced plans to purchase fuel efficient American-made fleet for the federal government

• Ended the Bush-era policy of not regulating and labeling carbon dioxide emissions

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