Saturday, September 25, 2010

meeting sestak

I've been volunteering at the Sestak for Senate campaign off and on. A bit more off recently with the holidays but hopefully more on in the future. Today I got to spend a few hours handing out literature and stickers at an event in King of Prussia and was lucky enough to hear Admiral/Congressman Sestak speak.
He was terrific, well spoken, passionate but not shrill or overly polished, just a guy with no jacket, shirt sleeves rolled up, talking about his wish to make our country a better place. He spoke about Tikkun olam , the Jewish responsibility to repair the world and how that was the duty of all Americans. He said that his 31 years in the Navy made him not an ideologue but a problem solver and that he wanted to be not a politician but a public servant.
Later he passed me in the hall and I called out great speech. He stopped and said really, I just came from two veteran's funerals and felt bad I didn't get to mention that. I told him he came off very real and not to change his style at all. I got a big hug before he went off to the next meeting. Being the good jewish mother that I am I stopped his handler on my way out and gave him my bag of soft pretzels so they wouldn't be hungry. He said he would try and get him to eat.
The man who introduced him noted that Sestak's opponent, Toomey, represents some of the worse aspects of present day politics; the revolving door and the desire to eliminate any discussion or difference of opinion. After having worked on Wall Street Toomey then went to Congress to pass laws to end financial regulation and oversight of Wall Street. We all know how well that worked out. He also worked for a lobbying group whose main purpose was to eliminate any moderate voices in the Republican part, allowing the tea party to flourish. He said what people need to realize is that this is not your grandparents, or even your parents, Republican party. The Republican party has destroyed itself, giving up their ideas and beliefs and nothing seems to be left but fear and hate. The alternative to the Democratic party is no longer alternative ideas but is instead anger and divisiveness.

It felt great to give some of my time to such a great guy and hopefully have hugged the next Senator from Pennsylvania.
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