Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been lucky and gotten to see 4 good movies in the past 2 weeks. Three as a result of being in Florida and one from having the blizzard cancel dinner plans. Fair warning; 'good' is in the eye of the beholder and my opinions may obviously not match everyone else. For proof of that see Avatar blog!
The Young Victoria- loved it, loved it. Wonderful story, great acting. Would I take my H? Maybe- unlike many of those"talky English things" (his words) this one had a faster moving plot and he might have enjoyed it. However, he also could definitely have lived without it. Not a single bad thing to say about the movie except the dinner party scenes made my feel terribly inadequate as an hostess!
An Education- prob my favorite of the four- it was fascinating, completely different from anything I had seen and again the acting was perfection. Funny, sad, and shocking. Yes, I think my H would have liked it. Interesting thing about this movie is how differently different age groups react to it. My parents (and friends parents) also loved it but felt it was anti-semitic , something my friends totally did not feel. While the age difference between the girl and the man was shocking none of the fore mentioned groups questioned why she would be interested in him. Who wouldn't be interested in Peter Sarsgaard! And the character he plays is charming and sophisticated. However, my friends' 16 year old saw him as ancient, disgusting and a complete pedophile!
The Little Traitor- an Israeli film my Mom dragged me to at a very old theater in Delray. It was terrific! The only sad thing about it is that I don't think anyone out side of Delray will get to see it which is a real shame. It tells the story a the relationship between an 11 year old Israeli boy and a British soldier during the time of the British occupation of Palestine. Completely different film except for the appearance of Alfred Molina as the soldier who I had just seen the night before as a British Dad. The boy was wonderful. His facial expressions were so funny. Funny, touching, if there's any way to see it I highly recommend you do so.
Last film -Crazy Heart. Also really liked it. (Told you I was 4 for 4). Of course we've all seen this film before most recently as The Wrestler, but Jeff Bridges really took it to a new level. My H loved it also! So get off the couch, and head out the door.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Most of us know we are lucky. But it's hard to maintain that 'I'm lucky' momentum all the time. When you are having a shitty day it's hard to be cheered up by remembering that you have all your arms and legs, or your house didn't get wiped out by a earthquake. It's hard to feel lucky just for being 'normal'. But we should. So here's a few I'm lucky thoughts.

I'm lucky to have two really great kids who are healthy and happy enough to drive me occasionally crazy. I'm lucky to have an amazing husband who is willing to go to the market in the snow so I can complain about what he forgot to get.
I'm lucky to be able to have two parents who are healthy and tons of fun to be with. I'm lucky to have my Mom so that she can push too much food on me and my dad who can worry that we are not handling something right.
I'm lucky to be able to spend a week with my friends in Florida where we get to be wonderfully lazy and eat, read, shop and go to the movies. I'm lucky to make it home safely to a blizzard so I an wonder why I'm not still in Florida with my chopped salad.
I'm lucky to come home to great friends who understand that a 20 min conversation takes 35 phone calls to complete.
I'm lucky to come home to a house filled with loud hungry teenage boys, wet clothes,and a smelly dog. They will all get snowed in here for days if I'm really lucky.
Lucky to come home to too much mail, too much laundry and just enough good stuff on my tivo!