Tuesday, August 30, 2011

best and worst

Best line of the year...
In response to a comment that living together in a studio apartment would be difficult because " its such a small space, my mother replied, "Honey, marriage is a small space".

Worst marketing idea ever...
A calender given out by the Holocaust museum in Washington as a fundraiser. Monthly delights include photos of boots and sunglasses left behind from victims. Really makes you look forward to the next month! Who's idea was this and why do they still have a job?

Best song line heard in a while....
"You put yourself between a bullet and a target"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

You get what you voted for...

What a shamble these tea party folks are creating. I almost feel sorry for John Boehner having to try and control them. What's that expression, like wrangling cats? What I don't feel sorry for is the folks that voted for them and are now getting financially screwed as the economy tanks, borrowing gets limited and their savings dwindle. But really what did people expect?

Imagine interviewing a candidate for a job. He tells you that he has no experience, thinks the 'company' is horribly run, has no interest in learning how the system works, or working well with any of the other employees. He doesn't even care if he keeps the job. Would you hire this guy? Probably not. Yet America elected him to Congress. Unbelievable.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh Canada

Promise no endless travel itinerary details. Just some random thoughts on our, Ken and my, trip to Banff, Jasper and lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies.

First, it's true. Canadians are incredibly nice , everyone in every store, restaurant and hotel is super sweet, helpful, cheerful and polite. Too polite to mention how screwed up our country looked that week. Watching the horrendous behavior of the self righteous tea partiers on the news each evening made Canada seem more and more appealing each day. Except for the weather. It's really cold there. Banff was having a huge heat wave when we visited- temps shot up to 72 degrees! And this is mid July. The people are great but they've got to warm the place up.
Second it's unbelievable how many people from all over the world come here to visit. At every street corner, lake and waterfall you could hear French, German, Spanish and Japanese all being spoken.Who knew the Canadian Rockies were a must see for the whole world?

Like all good vacations I learned stuff about myself. While looking at mountains and lakes is cool it's really the waterfalls that thrill me. Hiking in the woods, I can skip. Apologies to my mountain climbing loving cousins. I did think of you often, though.
I also learned that 6 straight days of nature is too much for me. I do better with a blend of city and nature. After so many days all the beauty blends together. Not to mention that all those woods and wildflowers left me with a killer sinus headache. Endless thanks to my acupuncturist who saw me on a Sunday.

Last, but not least, despite signs, billboards, highway postings,and flashing warning signs all insisting that elk ,caribou and most definitely grizzly bears were all over the highway, we didn't see any. Not a single stinking bear. Obviously this whole Canadian bear thing is a giant lie. Simply false propaganda to make them look more appealing. I'm starting to wonder whether they really do have national care. Has anyone actually met a Canadian doctor?