Saturday, November 13, 2010

bits and pieces

A few random thoughts

Although my H is a long way from retirement the few conversions I had today made me realize he needs to begin preparing. No not financially, though that would be nice, but hobby-wise. While visiting my cousin's photography show at a local craft show we ran into a few men who were retired. One was planning the perfect way to rob a bank and seemed to have given the matter way too much thought. Another had purchased 50 Roman pillars and was planning to build a Chinese pagoda house as soon as he found the right piece of land. He mentioned his wife was less than pleased. Time to encourage the taking up of golf?

In a 'did I read that sign correctly' moment I saw the Gwynedd Mercy Academy's fall musical is Fiddler on the Roof. Worth the price of admission to see the lovely Catholic girl playing Tevya.

Supposedly the Dean of Harvard Law calls applicants on the phone for a 5 minute interview before final decisions are made. First there is the question of whether the Dean has something better to do with 42 hours ( Harvard accepts 500 kids; no idea how many phone calls are made).The question he uses his valuable time to ask? Why Harvard? Is you must be f-ing kidding me an acceptable answer?

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  1. Hi. I saw Gwynedd's musical and attend the school, and actually, LaSalle boys and a lot of guys from other schools audition for our plays, and Tevye and all other male characters, aside from the Fiddler and some Russians, were played by guys. Just wanted to point that out.