Monday, July 5, 2010

New stage, old body

Such a strange time of life. Like most people my age I have always pictured myself as younger than I really was. Could never figure out how I was driving my daughter to college when I just graduated myself, that type of thing. Now suddenly I feel a 100 years older than I am. Our next door neighbors ( and close friends) moved away and in their place is a lovely couple with a 4 and a 6 year old. There they are playing catch on the driveway, drawing with chalk, and waiting for the camp bus. Isn't that suppose to be me? Now not only will I soon have two kids in college,in less than a year I'll have one graduating! Rented It's Complicated last night and burst into tears during the Columbia graduation scene. I'm pretty sure it was suppose to be a comedy.
And now my body seems to be betraying me. As most of you know I've always been thin. Suddenly I seem to have developed a stomach. And I do mean suddenly; went to bed skinny as always woke up unable to button my jeans! What the hell is going on here? Not a happy camper.

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  1. Oh dear Cindy........I can so relate to the new noise in the neighborhood. I hear our new next door neighbors playing outside every day. Its nice sounds, hearing these little kids but makes me sad too. Where did the years go??????

    your old next door neighbors, and still here!