Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inception & More

Saw Inception last night. First I need to tell you that this movie is revealing a previously unknown generation gap . My parents and 3 of their friends saw it opening weekend and Hated it. Seriously hated it, as in 'worst movie ever, wish we had walked out' hated it. My daughter reported that her boyfriends' grandparents, who live in new york and do not know my parents or their friends, also hated it. Their reaction, combined with some pretty weak reviews and ,in my opinion, very unappealing coming attractions, had me crossing it off my list.
Then my daughter and several of her friends went to see it, over a two day period. Their reaction; incredible, unbelievable,loved it,amazing.
What! Now I was totally confused. Sure people often disagree on a movie but this seemed like a pretty extreme difference of opinion.
So, obviously I felt the obligation to see it myself. I was, I think, well prepared by a friend's comments/advice. 'At first I tried to fill in all the pieces of information and back story that the movie didn't give me and that was making me not like it. Then I just relaxed and went along for the ride.'
My verdict,echoed by husband, Loved it!
The movie seems to start in the middle, as if you had walked in 15 minutes late and missed some crucial piece of information. But, as the movie points out that's how dreams are; you never remember how you get somewhere in a dream you are just there in the middle of a situation. So I just sat back and enjoyed the ride, really, really, enjoyed the ride.
So why the extreme difference of opinion split along generational lines? Not completely sure. Perhaps my parents generation requires a more lineal plot line? A movie with a more strict beginning , middle and an end? I know my parents get frustrated when the computer, or TV, or DVD doesn't work and they don't know why. While,to me, as long as we can get it to work, the reason it suddenly went haywire is not all that important. Perhaps long term exposure to constantly evolving and complicated technology makes us better able to enjoy something without needing to fully comprehend it. After all I can enjoy my laptop and phone even if I don't use, or know how to use, a good chunk of it's functions. Or perhaps I'm totally wrong! Feel free to chime in.
On a side note, I'm trying to figure out how to plant the ideas of veneers as a life necessity into Ken's patients brains, so if you can do that be sure and call!

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