Wednesday, June 23, 2010

emplty nest: Take One

So recently heard a radio show on the crisis of 'over sharing'. Definitely not my issue as I struggle with sharing at all. Last month or two have been full of stuff that didn't make the blog due to my phobia of sharing at all! Obviously not a phobia hip enough to make even NPR.

My S has been away all week at senior week. Putting aside the terror that senior week brings out in any parent ; the possibility of partying oneself into a hospital bed or police car, I'm trying to see this week as an empty nest test. In Sept both the kids will be away at college leaving just the husband and I ,home alone. Perhaps my lack of panic about that fact is slightly disillusion but..
Both of them will be fairly close to home ( under an hour) and I expect them home for high holidays, thanksgiving, winter break so I don't think it will be too much separation anxiety. (On my part that is; I expect none on the part of my S off to his freshman year.)
By the time I recover from packing him off and cleaning up the debris he leaves in his wake I expect him ( and her) back again. Add in a few parent sponsored Sunday dinners and I think the trauma will be minimal.
As for this quiet, empty nest week at home? It's been ok. I've slept through the night , as opposed to laying awake until 3am listening for him at the door, cleaned out my closet,and went out for a glass ( or two ) of wine on a Wednesday eve. Still didn't clean out the basement, or the hall linen closet, so there's still plenty on the TO Do list. All in all not yet panicking about Sept. But don't worry , there's plenty of time!

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