Monday, May 31, 2010


I'll try and do a mini post under this heading every now and then to let you know what I've recently seen. So if you don't care; feel free to skip it!

Saw Iron Man 2 and was super disappointed as I loved the first one. Of course, watching Robert Downey is a joy but aside from him the movie was a real dud.

Loved Robin Hood; highly recommend it. It had just enough of everything to interest my H, my teenage son and me. Russel Crowe was great, of course. There was some fascinating English history to appeal to us history buffs, and then at the exact moment your attention was starting to drift, wham, an awesome fight scene-castles being stormed, arrows flying, damsels in distress, and lots of swords , mud and blood.
City Island. This is one of those films they don't make enough of. I hope the word of mouth spreads and this film goes from an art house favorite to a big hit so the studios will make more of these kinds of movies. No special effects, no fight scenes just real people, great dialogue, great story. Funny, sad and all around worthwhile. Iron Man 2 (CD/DVD)

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