Friday, December 28, 2012

What do we really want?

Just watched The Words on demand. Don't bother. There, I just saved you $5. Your welcome.
The premise (revealed in the coming attractions so I’m not ‘ruining’ anything for you) is that Bradley Cooper’s character finds a lost manuscript, has it published under his own name and is rewarded with fame and money. He is unable to enjoy his success because all the accolades don't compensate for the fact that the work product isn't his. Its a pretty standard and generally accepted premise. But is it really true?
After all we live in a world of reality TV where people are rewarded not for their accomplishments, but simply for being famous. On television, magazines, basically everywhere, we see the glorification not of what someone has achieved but what that achievement has brought them.  What we aspire to is the swag, the reward, not the work. It’s not the labor but the carrot that is endlessly dangled in front of us. We aspire for the homes of the Real housewives, the clothes and jewels in Vogue, the bodies on Victoria Secrets angels.
Outside of a mediocre movie is anyone really more interested in the accomplishment than in the glory that attaches to it?  What do we honestly desire more, to do something great or to reap the accolades? Do we long for the satisfaction of writing a great book, painting a masterpiece, or inventing the next great thing? Or is it really about invites to the Vanity Fair party, court side seats, chatting with Fallon, or sitting in the first row at NY fashion week?  If the movie were honest wouldn’t Bradley Cooper’s character shrug off the fact that he didn't write the book? After all, he's drinking champagne in the back of a limo and isn’t that what really matters?

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