Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fired Up and Ready to Go

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending an all day training conference given by the Obama campaign. It was held for active volunteers from all over the state of Pa and Montgomery County was selected as the location. There were several amazing things about it, perhaps none more than the attendees themselves. Over 500 people came from all over the state. Many drove five hours and slept on the sofas and floor of local volunteers. The range of people was astonishing; people who in any of circumstances would go their entire lives without meeting each other. In one room were high school students, recent college grads,and senior citizens. A young girl with ripped jeans and high top sneakers sat next to a older man in a wheel chair, both listening to a young mans story of how he went from a homeless kid with an addicted mother to a respected staff member of the Obama campaign. While being in that room was inspiring enough we also got to hear some rousing speeches from several key members of the Presidents campaign staff. Here's some of my favorite excerpts. Feel free to use them! And forgive me if I repeat them over the next few months in my tweets. You do follow me on twitter, right? In 2008 we changed the guard. In 2012 we need to guard the change Obama represents the politics of conscious, not the politics of convenience. On the economy: First President Obama stopped us from falling deeper and deeper into the hole. Then he helped us begin to climb out. Now we need to give him the time to finish the job. Romney is a guy who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. The second day was training for the Obama Organizing Fellows, a dedicated group of people who were selected to participate in a 12 week internship program. I had a terrifically fun day helping the wonderfully organized John work the kitchen and feed lunch to the over 100 fellows plus staff. Setting up a buffet for over a 100 people kept me in fighting shape for the next family seders!

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