Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One step forward, two steps back...

If you have had the recent pleasure of talking to young women in their
20s you are,I am sure, delighted with how absolutely incredible they are. Amazingly smart,ambitious,and confident, they just seem to have it all together. However, in a recent conversation with several young college-age women I was shocked and bummed to find them in a not much better place in their relationships with men than we were ,years ago, or probably where our moms and maybe even our grandmas were. They are in relationships where they feel unappreciated,insecure, and where they put in 90% of the effort and compromise. Behavior they would refuse to accept, understand or shrug off in their jobs ,or from their girlfriends or family, they endure without complaint from their men. Agh! What can we tell them to change their ways, to demand to be treated better? Or will be be having the same conversation about our granddaughters?

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