Sunday, March 13, 2011

this and that

Just heard that Michelle Bachman, the tea party darling, told a gathering in New Hampshire that they should be proud of being the state of the Battle of Lexington and Concord where 'the shot heard round the world' started the Revolutionary War. Too bad that was Massachusetts. Somewhere an elementary school teacher just blew his brains out.

So the boy went back to school after a Spring Break week that consisted of sleeping till noon, watching TV until 3pm, then hanging out with his friends until 3am. My suggestions/demands that he devote some small amount of that time to studying or reading or getting a jump on his school work were ignored. While it was great to see him, it's almost just as great to see him back. At least my blood pressure can go down, my hair can stop turning gray and I can sleep through the night.

Not that I needed a reason to not take a cruise. Yes, I know people love them, yada, yada, but not me. Anyway,daughter called from her ship yesterday (at $2.50 a minute) to tell us that the ship would be arriving a few hours late and she might miss her 1:15pm flight home. By the way, the ship arrived 12 hours late!
Three hours,and numerous phone calls to and from US Airways, we got her re-booked on a 7am flight the following day. Cost? The old, non-refundable flight, the new,last minute flight,the $25 baggage fee(pigs), the $150 change fee(double pigs),$22 for a sea(hogs),a hotel in New Orleans for the night, and numerous calls and texts to and from the Atlantic Ocean. Who thinks the insurance she bought will pay for any of that?
Sorry, I was away for so long!

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