Monday, August 30, 2010

So much for resolutions...

We all have things we resolved to never do, or let happen again. The best laid plans...somewhere after high school I resolved to never let a boy make me listen to music I hate, especially Led Zeppelin, and never to sit by the phone , staring at it, willing it to ring. Or worse, making myself crazy trying to determine if calling 'him' would make me seen desperate.
Then I had a son. First came years of listening to his music on the car radio or blasting through the house, most of it good, some of it, Led Zeppelin. Resolution 1 down the drain. And then, after moving him into his freshman dorm on Friday, I sat for the entire weekend staring at my cell phone, willing it to ring, or text , or email. There went resolution 2! Finally Ken texted him late Saturday afternoon and since then have had some texts and even 2 (quick) phone calls). Yea!
All is well.

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