Monday, January 4, 2010

full house,empty house

I try not to miss my kids when they are away. My D was in Italy for 4 months and I did a good job of not being sad. Of course that may be due in large part to the fact that she called every day and talked at great length. Despite the fact that my H did a great job researching the cheapest way to talk we still managed to rack up quite a nice bill. In response to his complaints I say, show me a Mom who would even think of telling her daughter don't call so much and when you do, be sure you don't talk too long. Not likely.
So my D arrived home safe and sound, beating out the snow storm by just under 24 hours; clever girl. And joyously, my house is filled with kids! Kids eating and talking at the kitchen table,cooking breakfasts and dinners, laying on sofas or piled up in her bed watching TV and playing on laptops. I guess for some people it might have been annoying but for me it was just awesome.I love these kids and adore having them around. I wish they would all just move in.
Secret revealed: while most girls loved Little Women my favorite was always the sequel Little Men. In that book Jo and her prof move into a giant house which they fill with wayward boys who they educate and care for.
The problem; around new years they all packed up , mine included, and left, leaving the house quiet and empty for the last 4 days. It's been super depressing. And I know that while I might grab a few more days of them it's pretty much over until ,maybe, spring break. I guess I will adjust again but I really wish I didn't have to!

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  1. You still have your wonderful son at home, although I believe 'the group' of kids that graduated in 2007 from UDHS is like no other. You can come over here until Saturday and hang with some of them. Don't forget Milkboy Friday night - they will be there, fair and square!